The time has come

Ah yes, the time has come – for me to begin a blog. 🙂

To be honest, I am a starter and not a finisher. So I have been hesitant to embark on a blog for fear of abandoning it as quickly as I start. After reading other blogs recently, I have reconsidered my motives and deemed it appropriate, and maybe/hopefully beneficial to me and others to write out our ventures here at the Vander Arks house. I struggled slightly with the name of the blog, for I know that I will be writing about all of our family… but if anyone reads this, they will mostly be driven here because of our newest addition… Jack Moses…


Isn’t he handsome?

Jack has been the sweetest surprise gift I didn’t know to ask for. He is now 2 1/2 months old.  I have no idea where his blue eyes came from (the rest of us have brown). He has a smile that doesn’t come freely but thats melts your heart. His cuddles are endless and can make time stand still. He seems to dream of adventure I am sure of it… oh, and he has Apert Syndrome.

We knew there was something going on when my 28 week ultrasound (that I requested to have for other precautions, he looked perfect at our 20 week) showed swelling of the ventricles in the brain (hydrocephalus).  That whole day was surreal actually.  The tech was very silent.  I kept looking at the screen and wondered why she wasn’t looking anywhere but the brain. She sat a little straighter and I knew something was wrong. I still wasn’t prepared for the news though. The hospital did not have a maternal fetal specialist, so they connected us with a partner hospital in Indianapolis, three hours away from our home. This is where the fun began.

After an hour ultrasound I noted that he (we didn’t know he was a boy at the time) had his hands fisted in each ultrasound – I had had 5 up to that point. That being a red flag caused the nice doctors we were skyping with to request we deliver at their hospital where they had all the necessary surgeons/specialists available for anything. We knew at that point that Jack had hydrocephalus, dandy walker brain malformation, and was missing fingers….

and with this suspense I will leave you… the same way (kind of)  they left us… 😉  except that you know that Jack entered this world with grace and has been a joy and constant surprise ever since…


2 thoughts on “The time has come”

  1. I wrote on one of the other entries but don’t know if it actually got on or not! Anyway….precious Jack, I love you. And your amazing family!!! Your Momma will take very good care of you, the best that she can, and God gives you each breath you take, and for that we are thankful!! Daddy will also read to you, play with you and probably put you to bed, too. Of course Lucy will be such a good big sister to you, making sure you are included, most of the time, and that you have everything you need. Our prayers are ever with you, and I’m so glad this blog IS. Thank you Shannin!! Love, Nana

  2. >>Isn’t he handsome?<< Oh, yes, Shannin, he absolutely is! Just melted my heart…he is so very precious. I have prayed for him when I got little pieces of info regarding his prayer needs, but to have your blog now is wonderful, and I will continue praying. God has placed Jack into the perfect family for him, and your love and dedication to helping him become all that God intends for him to be is so evident. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us, it not only strengthens our faith, but helps us know how to prayerfully support you. ~ Nancy Robinson (Sarah Bergren's mom)

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