The new “normal” (with regard to kidneys)

We traveled across our absolutely lovely state yesterday, not to enjoy the amazing colors of the trees but to get a second opinion about Jacks kidneys.  When he was in the NICU they saw that his right kidney was slightly dilated to a grade I of hydronephrosis – meaning enlarged. The doctor assured us that it does not need medical attention and it is just the way Jack is.  I am now beginning to understand what is Jacks “normal”.  There is seriously no doubt in my mind that this little boy is “fearfully and wonderfully made”… he is way too complicated!

Okay, that was the important stuff. Now for the in-between REAL Life stuff! I was of course running just slightly behind due to construction. When I parked in the garage (I didnt get lost – Praise God!) Jack was sound asleep. I climbed in to the back to wake him up and nurse him, to find out that the child safety lock was on and I was indeed locked in the back seat. I was slightly frustrated at this point, so I took a deep breath and tried to move the front seat forward. Of course my purse was on the seat, and the strap was completely stuck, so I hit my face on the seat and got a fat lip! I made it to the appointment right on time! Had to nurse Jack in the waiting room full of people (never fun) However, Jack did GREAT for the ultrasound :)  Then I got to eat lunch and get a coffee and life felt so much easier :) The Doctor was really nice.  English was not his first language though, and it made for an interesting visit. Heres some of the dialogue (so wish I could reenact this for you… it really was funny!)
Dr: “Jack’s kidney looks not normal, but it OK!”
Me: “wonderful, thank you Dr”
Dr: “Let me just do routine check”
Me: “Would you like me to lay him on the table”
Dr: “Oh no, I kidney Doctor… just need routine check”
– He listens to his lungs and touches his back –
Dr: ” Ok. Now I need to see peepee.  If his peepee smell bad you need call us”
Me: “What kind of smell?”
Dr: “Bad smell”
Me thinks: So glad we had this chat doc 
 and we go back in 6 months to do it again :)



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