Don't Doubt Jack…what?

Don't Doubt Jack...what?

The campaign started in NICU. Seth, my husband, kept getting on my case for underestimating Jack throughout my pregnancy, labor/delivery, and in the hospital. At every turn, when I wanted to give up… Jack pulled through! It continued on when we got home… breastfeeding, turning his head, looking at my face instead of over my shoulder, and smiling…. each of these a milestone we approached while holding our breath.  Will he do it?  Will his delay be great or minor?  The unknown really is the challenging part.  The slogan really is a call to have faith on my part. To cling to hope and not get caught up in every detail. To encourage life in my son and not cut him short. Yes… this even inspired a song 🙂 Here are the lyrics:

End of the Summer time he came
I knew Id never be the same
He changed my life you see, forever

Those blue eyes looking up at me
There was so much uncertainty
Lets walk this winding road together

Don’t doubt Jack
No, don’t doubt Jack

He may not be what you expect to see
He changed what beauty meant to me
The first time I saw him smile

And he’s stronger than you know
He’ll pull ahead
Someday Somehow
And when that happens lets be ready

Oh, Don’t doubt Jack
No… Don’t Doubt Jack!



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