New Friends – we are NOT alone!

Although this was a few weeks back, I have to write about this wonderful new family we met. Through a coworker of Seth’s, Jack’s name was added to a prayer chain down in Georgia. A lady in their church knew of another family with a child who has Apert Syndrome. The mom has a facebook page to help raise awareness of Apert Syndrome called “My Mary Cate”. I “liked” the page and soon after got a message from her with her phone number. I felt super awkward and uncomfortable – not wanting to make her feel like she had to talk to me… but she offered her number right? I called her. It was so absolutely wonderful! In 45 minutes I learned more about how to care for my son than I had in 2 months meeting with doctors. As a therapist I have often spoken with people about the power of a support group/community… I have never known the power of it myself.  So I now can speak frankly about: it changed my life. I know now that I am truly not alone. Before it was a theory, a good idea… now I don’t know how anyone does it without others who have gone before them. Apert Syndrome is rare. It is real. It is definitely hard… but “they say” that it gets easier. After meeting Mary Cate, a sweet 2 year old – I saw that there is way more hope than hurt. The two little ones look so much alike!  I am no longer afraid to move forward. The next year will be hard Im sure at times. Having your child go under a knife in any way is tough, let alone multiple times in less than 12 months… but God has made it so our children can be resiliant. And soon Jack will have fingers and hopefully toes!  Not that his fists have stopped him too much yet… He doesn’t seem to mind at all 🙂  they are awfully stinky though… so we’ll see what we can do!  Everyone, please meet: Miss Mary Cate and Mr Jack Moses…. friends at last



5 thoughts on “New Friends – we are NOT alone!”

  1. Shannon…. I have seen a few pictures of this precious boy but I havent understood his journey until I just followed your facebook link… I probably will never truly understand but I will keep your family lifted up to the Father. I most likely would not have left a comment if it werent for the picture of him and Mary Cate…. In this picture he looks so very much like your grandpa Ed Lundin and that brought me a smile 🙂 so I hope that brought you one as well. Much Love in Christ
    Deanna Sobralski

  2. How wonderful that you guys got to meet! It really does make it so much better seeing the others who have gone before us on this journey. I am with you and really don’t know how people would deal with all of this without a community. I like what you said about how God has made our kids resiliant! What a beautiful thought. So glad to have “met” you 🙂 Lots of love to you and Jack!

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this picture and developing friendship! Congrats Jack & Mary! Two families are stronger than one! 🙂 God uses sharing for both parties to grow and be encouraged! This makes my heart so happy! Rusty are gorgeous little people!

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