ENT tomorrow – please pray




This is Jack on a normal day…Image

And this is how Jack feels about doctor visits.


So far every doctor appointment takes at least 2 hours.  Jack has learned already that this is not his favorite.  Tomorrow is big though. The ENT (ears, nose, throat) is one of the major players for Jack’s care.  With Jack’s inability to breathe through his left nostril, and the high risk for sinus infections this is one doctor that we will be frequenting. So – we need a good doctor. One we can trust, that is closeby, and that is an advocate for our son. So, if you happen to be reading this… say a quick prayer for our visit tomorrow.  We need to get on a schedule rather quickly for an overnight sleep study to assess whether Jack has obstructive or central sleep apnea. Obstructive apnea has to do with the anatomy of his face where central apnea is when his brain forgets to tell Jack to breathe.  I don’t believe they do pediatric sleep studies here in Berrien County, so I am praying that the doctor tomorrow directs us in the right way.  Thank you in advance for your prayers!  I’ll let you know how it goes!



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