The spirited toddler

I have a lot to share about today’s events. But first I just have to tell you what I am doing right now: I am sitting with my amazing and spirited toddler as she is winding down for the day. We were at our wits end about a month ago with knowing what to do with our 18 month old daughter at bedtime. All the experts both in writing and other moms say “routine, routine, routine” – however…. that is the hardest thing in the world for me.  I am a distractible and social being as is my daughter. The worst thing for calming down is a bath too – which most things I read were supposed to calm her.  Rocking didn’t help, pacing didn’t help, reading and TV kept her awake, and letting her cry didn’t work.  Then I ran across an article titled “How can I get my spirited toddler to bed and end these bedtime battles”. Yes!  I felt like it was the first thing I read where it wasn’t all my fault.  Yes, I do strive to have a normal routine.  I know I am doing my daughter a disservice by having an irregular bedtime…. but here we are. The lights are on, the noisemaker is on and I am sitting on her floor as she plays quietly in her crib and will soon be asleep.  Seth is the one who normally falls asleep on her floor – but he is bagging coffee and Jack was happy to fall asleep in his crib after his long day.  Each day as Lucy learns new words and her entire world opens up to her – I am reliving childhood with her and I love it. The colors are brighter to her, the music is sweeter… I pray that she learns to trust. To trust that I won’t leave her or forsake her… and that that trust then passes to the God that she cannot always see… for he will truly never leave her… I pray that her heart will grow in love for Him. That she will rest in peace… It was so precious to see her eyes light up this evening when she saw Jack after a long day apart. I love these two small people. I just cannot tell you how much.



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