Another milestone

Hello Blog – I am happy to record that Jack has met a new milestone. When laying on his back he now lifts his arms against gravity and is finally using those tiny shoulders! I’ve also caught him reaching to the right for a toy and playing/talking to his toys 🙂  my heart is bursting with joy actually!  He studies his hands, bringing them to midline.  Never again will I take these little steps for granted. Each marker is a testament to how we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

we are now doing therapy every day for 30 minutes. I never thought I would have a baby with a disability. I am so thankful to God for preparing me as an OT. I know that Jack won’t be magically cured by me being a therapist… but at least I enjoy it 🙂


Other random thoughts for today not related to this 😉

Lately, as I have been reading through facebook and the book of Genesis I have been greatly sobered. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to say this well… but Im hoping that by writing it will help me process my heart.

My eyes have been passing quickly over some of those who write lengthy encouragements from the word of God on their facebook pages at the same time my heart breaks for what I read about how christians are viewed by those who do not follow Jesus as the Lord. I am struck by how similar we are to those in the book of Genesis. I am humbled by how badly I represent Christ. I am often too silent and yet when I speak I say the wrong thing. When I was pondering this I was reminded that Abraham, Moses, Joseph, and David were all seriously amazing men in the Old testament and yet had glaring flaws. I am heavy hearted by those who hold christians to the standard that only Jesus can uphold. Thats why he came!  I will never love people the way that Christ can. I will be too quick to judge, I will be too proud to be humble, I will be too selfish to love like him.  But Grace is from God!  The things that are impossible are possible with God!  I read yesterday in Genesis, “Is ANYTHING too hard for the Lord?”

Please know these are not all my thoughts or a well thought out side to an argument.  It is just my thoughts for this moment. God has not stopped working. He chose to use the imperfect church to be his temple. The Holy Spirit testifies to the work of Christ – and I realized today that that is my job now too… I am not the Holy Spirit.  I will not convince anyone of anything. I will never be able to change people. I will think differently than every other person. But God knows what he thinks. We will do well to seek after what God thinks of issues and stop concerning ourselves with making our ideas central. My opinions don’t matter at the end of the day. So Lord, I pray that now that I have made me thoughts known I will be accountable to them. I pray that I will seek first the kingdom and God and let all other things follow. I pray that my eyes will remain on you Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. I pray that I will seek your opinions and will love the things you love and hate the things you hate. I pray that I will live for you and not for men. For what will a man gain if he has the whole world and loses his soul. Thank you Lord for making a covenant with us and for patiently working in us.


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