Dear Brad


I wish I was writing this letter when you could open it in the mail and smile and send me a text in reply that you received it. I must thank you dear cousin – for awakening my soul to the fact that time is a gift. I did not realize that I was taking you for granted. Your face and hug at every family gathering for my entire life. You brought a familiar warmth and energy to the group that none can replace. I never needed to think of what to say with you. You were always quick with a story and always ready to teach me… about music, art, technology, the city… anything really. I miss you already. I looked through your facebook page and my heart broke that you won’t be reading the notes left by many who knew you. It’s crazy that I know none of them, but that through knowing you we are all connected.

Yes, time is a gift. I see that freshly now. I think I am still in shock that you aren’t here any more. I wish I hugged you a little tighter last week when I saw you last. I wish you were still here; that we could talk about your plans for the new year. You were always a future thinker… the next show, the new business…

My life is richer by knowing you. I am sorely at a loss for words…i love this article about you.


picture from his facebook page

Be at peace my cousin. Be at peace my soul, I pray…



Published by: shanninvanderark

A stay at home mom/Occupational Therapist who has two children, one recently diagnosed with Apert Syndrome, a new coffee roasting business, and a whole lotta stories to share on the journey

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