Back to work story

I had a legally blind patient on saturday at work reach out to hold my hand. He grasped tightly and said, “You’re hands are rough! Are you wearing gloves?” Which I sadly was not… I explained that I only use my one hand, so I guess it was a little on the rough side. He followed that with, “You must be pretty, are you pretty?” “Not too pretty” I replied. “Come closer” he pulled my hand and I hesitantly got a few inches closer to his face… “You have a nice shaped face”. “Well, thank you sir”.


Published by: shanninvanderark

A stay at home mom/Occupational Therapist who has two children, one recently diagnosed with Apert Syndrome, a new coffee roasting business, and a whole lotta stories to share on the journey

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One thought on “Back to work story”

  1. I would have to disagree, I think you are beautiful! I always have. Today was my first time finding out about this journey you are on. It has been to long since we have connected. God willing we will be able to make it to the family reunion this year. I can’t wait to hold both of your babies.

    Love ya

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