6 months and counting!

Jack Moses is now 6 months old!


He is busy growing and learning.  He has discovered he has a voice and is constantly trying new and amusing sounds which make me laugh a lot!  One is a growl sound and the other which he found last night is very high and almost a squeal. He is very good at communicating his needs and has even started sleeping a little more now just this week!

I do have to share a story which hopefully some moms can relate to. It was my second time in 6 months going to the grocery store by myself with the two babies. (Typically Seth stops on his way home from work or all 4 of us go together).

We made it through the first aisle at Aldi just fine. I had fed, changed, and cleaned Jack’s nose before we got there. He even had a big dirty diaper before we left so I thought we would be golden! Alas. Halfway through the store he starts screaming. I pick him up from his carseat with groceries delicately tucked around him, and his back was all wet – EXPLOSION! I abandon my cart and am holding two babies, to find out there is no changing table in the bathroom. I have to strip him and change him on the counter where everyone packs there bags (way too cold to go to the car and my carseat was still in the cart). He is screaming the whole time. I had given my phone with a video playing to keep Lucy busy and from running away from us. Now, to calm him down I bring them both to the handicap stall in the bathroom so I can nurse him. I apologized to him for getting frustrated and explained that I love him and was just bummed at the timing of his explosive episode. He in turn smiled sweetly up at me which I took as him forgiving me. We resumed to our places and I almost finished my shopping when I looked over to Lu and saw that I had put the yogurt too close to her seat and she had opened the little container and started digging in with one hand while continuing to watch her show with the other!  Man, these kids do things quickly or I do things really slowly or both!  I rush to her and she looks up at me, “Mess” she says as she lifts her hand to my face. “Yes, Boo… you made a mess”

I take a deeeeep breath. Proceed to check out. Somehow have completed my shopping extravaganza…. forgot to buy oatmeal and bought a snickers instead.

We went home and all took a nap.

Happy 6th months my bubba man… I love you.




2 thoughts on “6 months and counting!”

  1. I love your stories!!! You never fail to make me smile, Shannin 🙂 Both Lucy and Jack are good communicators…something I believe they got from their dear Mamma!! I love you all !!

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