“hands”i hold …

giving tree photography
giving tree photography

i hold my hands out open
in front of me
formed, purposed
but for now sitting open
these hands
created by Creator hands
power to hurt and heal
build up and tear down
what have you done hands?
sown or laid back idle…or even worse, destroyed
life as a thread
sand sifting through fingers
the vapor
here and gone
but for eternity
and into eternity
this life, these hands
could knit together, could bind up
they could look out and up
or in
they could rip and tear and punch and claw
or embrace and enfold and welcome, and be welcomed
what did the Maker create them for?
hands, stay open, stay empty
stay here.
you were made to be intertwined with other hands in tapestry beauty
the fabric of life through threads together…
life, threads, weaving…
“solo faith”
is there such a thing
lone string
but to US a Child is born
to US a Son is given
so hands, unite in praise,
unite and see and know and display your Trinity God.”

My dear friend free writes and her thread of thought leads me to remember how we are made wonderfully because we have a wonderful creator. Thank you Noelle… for your honesty and beauty.


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