Back in Boston

It’s a beautiful morning and walking the streets of Boston makes me almost forget why I am here. The old storybook homes that I can pretend living in during another lifetime where I was a professor here, or working as an OT in the children’s hospital (*my previous dreams before meeting Seth*)

We were guided by our texan tour guide via text for how to make it from the airport to our house. The house looks old and inviting from the outside. There is a shared kitchen with double ovens and we each get a bin in the pantry and fridge for our sustenance. While preparing for the trip, I missed where it said we would not have our own bathrooms. Our stay in the Yawkey house has instantly changed from vacation, to dorm life. Seeing that I’ve never lived in a dorm, I can only imagine that its something like this. However, we aren’t college kids drinking in the knowledge of life; we are quiet and desperate parents, praying for our little ones 10 minutes away in a white hospital bed. 

We haven’t been admitted yet. Jack slept on a cozy bed I made for him by the closet. He slept good for him, only woke up at 4 am where we snuggled and prayed before drifting back to sleep. We meet with the hand surgeons today at 1:00. 

After our short tour of the home, we were graciously picked up by my dear cousin Katie. This is my third time getting together with Katie. The first was at the Blake family reunion where she and her brother entertained us with stories of their family and other adventures. Second, she introduced us to Boston in the february frozen land when we met with the craniofacial clinic. She has blessed us beyond measure in her and her husbands hospitality.  I feel like this is the first time I have been taken care of like this by a mostly stranger. I am inspired to love those around me better. I have been so consumed lately by getting our house ready to sell and keeping Jack healthy. I feel like the girl who just got engaged and all she can talk about is her upcoming wedding. Theres more to me than these upcoming surgeries right? Yes, but I do find joy in the realization that these two small people in my home are another opportunity for me to lay down my life like Jesus did for me. I will give them everything. I will wash their feet, I will cry over them in prayer that Lucy will chose love over selfishness and Jack will be more than a conqueror. 

We invited ourselves to Katie and Tim’s bible study where we were greatly blessed by the small group of believers living light in an otherwise big and dark city. We have not been to church in three weeks under quarentine for Jack since it takes him weeks to get over a common cold. It felt like water to our thirsty souls to meet with other followers of Jesus and to discuss the Bible. Tim is a gifted teacher who unfolded the truth of scripture in its original context. 

This morning we wandered to Coolidge corner. This city seems to have a story down every street and I want to go in every store (and I don’t even like shopping!) Needless to say, I’ve always loved Boston and I never thought I would actually get the chance to spend time here. Don’t tell anyone, but I like it better than Chicago. It’s not quite as smooth as the west coast cities like Seattle or as warm as LA… but I like the crisp air and how the city has squares 🙂 – Im so grateful I don’t have to drive here though!-

And there’s our trip so far 🙂 I’ll write again later to catch you up on how the meetings go!

Oh, this store is right across the street from Katie and Tim’s house and it just made my heart skip. I already miss my little girl so much. I am grateful she is in good hands – but she brings us so much joy. It feels like something is missing without her commentary throughout the day!  We love you Lucy!



3 thoughts on “Back in Boston”

  1. Your words are too sweet. I really love reading your thoughts (and not just when I’m in the story) you MUST keep posting! Raw and inspirational!

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