The big reveal: photos at last




How do you choose which pictures to share of these moments that are life changing!  These are not all the pictures… but will give you a glimpse into those early moments of the big reveal!

A few photos to remind you of our life with four casts. By the end of the month it was obvious that Jack was tired of the casts. He was difficult to keep entertained and was really hot and sweaty… but such a trooper through it all!  The minute we took the casts off he seemed more relaxed and content than I had seen him in weeks!











The last two photos were our wonderful hosts who took us in as part of their family and spoiled us to pieces… My mom and I had a blast in Boston!  There are more photos from our trip on our facebook page: dontdoubtjack.

As soon as Jack reached up to touch my hair I knew that he was his happy little self!  He was eager to touch everything around him. His hands and feet were very sensitive for the first week but have become more normal now. His fingers do not yet bend but Jack is learning to move his thumbs just slightly. It’s amazing though how much he able to do now that he has palms!  We are working hard with therapy now to work on his rolling and weightbearing into his legs to prepare him to walk!  He is still learning how to eat – his favorite food so far is ice cream!  He has been enjoying the pool now and was just cleared from his bronchitis by the doctor this morning!  Our goal now is to keep him as healthy as possible for the next month!

We did find out that his blood pressure is high and will be meeting with a cardiologist in the next few weeks to decide if he needs medication for it or if it is due to the increased cranial pressure.

This little boy is such a puzzle to us!  There seems to be another surprise waiting for us around every corner… So I’ll try to keep you posted!


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