Life with Jack: Photos


Life with Jack is such a blast: Here he is entertaining us after a baseball game


Here’s a shot of his hair before we buzzed it off – his hair was so fluffy, it always reminded me of a baby chick 🙂  It went into a fohawk all by itself since he was born- Im gonna miss it!


He wasn’t so sure about the razor – but in his eyes I don’t think Nana can do wrong…


See? He grew up within minutes – these baby steps helped me prepare for the big day


Our field trip to the USS Constitution (Seth took this photo)

b4 surgery

Trying to keep a 1 year old hungry baby occupied before surgery


I wish I knew what he was thinking

first look

Our first look after his first skull surgery. He looked so tired, but I was so proud


His eyes didn’t start swelling until later this day – I was grateful for these hours together

day1 postop

Day 1 post operation… He has been sleeping pretty much all day which I am thankful – This is very typical for the kind of surgery he had… I can’t wait to see his beautiful green eyes once again!  


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