Jack is Back!

If you are able to follow us on facebook you may have noticed things have been looking up for our little man 🙂

Until this past weekend, I was honestly thinking that we had lost Jack… the happy go lucky little boy with the smile that makes my heart melt.

But I didn’t!!! 

His fever finally vanished this weekend after hanging on to a 99.8 for about 10 days. I seriously feel blessed that his cold never turned into bronchitis or pneumonia which is huge for kids like Jack with altered respiratory health.

Seeing him learn to eat is my real high point though 🙂 Eating has always been a battle for us… I truly think his aversion to a spoon stems from the numerous medicines he’s endured via syringe…. it seemed to be him showing me he could control something in his little world.

Progress was finally being made now that milk just isn’t enough for him anymore… He watches me eat like a hawk and just today ate two tablespoons of yogurt which is the most by far that he has ever taken from a spoon!

On top of that he is also enjoying playing with his food and attempting to feed himself which are all major points for cognitive and sensory abilities!

All in all, this is one proud momma…. you may have to remind me of this post in the months to come as he hopefully gets the surgeries he needs.

Surgery is being pushed back to January. With the holidays around the corner, december was too full 😦 We still do not have a solid date though.

Since we have the extra time, we thought it would be a good time to raise more awareness of apert syndrome and Jack’s story and raise support as well. We are in the midst of planning a benefit concert and book sale for the weekend after Christmas!

Please keep your ear and eye out for more information if you would like to donate books, art, or music… and then invite everyone to come hang out on lake michigan for the big event!

I just had to write… it’s too easy to write when things are tough, and when things are bright and cheery, it is easy to live in the moment. Today, I stop and thank God for the blessings… the little victories and the big ones.. for days like today when things are just going good 🙂

Thanks to you all for taking the journey with us!


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3 thoughts on “Jack is Back!”

  1. It is so easy to just post about the hard times. So glad you’re documenting the good ones too. It’s so touching to see this little guy making progress even if it’s ‘little’ things. His pics and updates certainly bless me even from this distance. Love you guys and pray the best for for this special boy and your family.

  2. I love this, Shannin! Your so right, when there are so many ups n downs, it’s easy to be thankful but not verbal….I’m so glad you are both:) I’m so proud of YOU and JACK!!

  3. you have been a really trooper along with the whole family, we have watched Jack on fb for many months, and thank God for his progress, praying for all of you, God can do anything! PTL. Jan & John Vinke

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