New plan: A second Surprise surgery!

One thing that has really surprised me upon having a child with apert syndrome is the amazing support team I have gained in the apert community.  In the past year I have met either face to face, the telephone, or online with several families… trading stories, sharing prayers, and just doing this crazy journey together. These families have grown so dear to me so quickly. They know better than anyone else the weight of each decision, each laborious phone call, and the many many many doctor and therapy visits. I got word yesterday that one of our friends from home was sick and was going to have to cancel his hand/foot surgery that was supposed to be this week. My heart dropped for them. These surgeries take months to plan and prepare for… And everything can be undone in seconds. Of course you know deep down that they will be ok.. and that it is better for them in the long run to not risk the surgery if they are sick… but it still rocks your world.

My friend and I were texting and she said, “maybe Jack could take Peters place…”  I smiled knowing that would be crazy.

But then this morning, the hand doctor called and told me that there was an opening this friday due to a “large cancellation”.

He asked if we were back in Michigan or not…

I was shocked.

Here we are, stuck in Boston for not one surprise surgery…. BUT TWO!

Hesitantly, I texted my friend to let her know. She responded quickly saying how happy she would be for us.

Again, shocked…. humbled…

Our newest plan then, is to have Jack’s second hand/foot surgery THIS friday. We will stay in the hospital over the weekend, and then have the MRI on monday before we head home.

I cannot tell you my friends how blown away I am right now. That Jack is healthy, that the surgery last week went so well, that he is cleared for surgery this friday…. I did not see any of this coming. I am so incredibly thankful.

My heart wants to hug little Peter… who is home this week. I pray for healing for him. For his family. I pray that God, who works all things out for good for those that love him… would continue to fulfill his promises for them as he has been for us.

I’ll keep you posted dear friends.

Thank you for walking alongside us.



3 thoughts on “New plan: A second Surprise surgery!”

  1. We know a God who prepares and leads….trusting Him once again for safety, health, peace…and hurry up and get home!! I need to HUG my sweet little man!!!

  2. We know a God who prepares and leads….trusting Him once again for safety, health, peace…and hurry up and get home!! I need to HUG my sweet little man!!!

  3. Shannin and Seth
    Your post is yet another example that in God’s economy He uses time in ways we cannot calculate. He is never later or early. Thanks for your updates.

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