Blood Drive Fund raiser TOMORROW!

Oh my dear friends?!  Where has the time been going?

One of my ultimate favorite quotes was from a book I can’t remember the tittle of… in it the author was friends with cs lewis who said in a letter something like this:

” We should never be surprised by how fast time flies… because see – we were actually created for eternity!”

I cherish that every time I am tempted to feel guilty or pressured by time limits! hehe….

I can’t wait for the moment to sit and process all that has been happening these past weeks…

Jack is flooring me DAILY with the things he is learning and the small person he is becoming.

If you’re local – come visit us tomorrow! At Sawyer Highlands Church – for a blood drive fundraiser!  If we get 28 people to donate than the American red cross will donate $$ to us!

Such a cool thing really…. So many of Jack’s friends have required blood transfusions – – I am seeing this whole need in a whole different light!  Especially as we approach another surgery the end of may.

Moral of the story:

Enjoy today 🙂  don’t let time slip away… but live with a purpose!  And:  I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow! 🙂

4 28 15 Sawyer Highlands Church Eposter

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